Monthly Income Report for November and Backlinking Strategy Update

Well, I was planning on getting this post up last week, but on Monday night our middle child, who will be 6 this month, broke his leg when he and his older brother decided to jump off the couch at the same time….too close to each other….That went real well….I have a picture of them […]

Newest Panda Update as Well as EMD?

Well, I just found an article that says that Google also released a new Panda update about the same time as their new EMD update. September 27th. Here’s the article:

So I had been wondering why both my Mom Venture site had gone down even more in traffic, although the main recipe that was […]

Monthly Income Report and Google EMD Update

So July I saw a huge drop in traffic due to one of my main keyphrases dropping down significantly in the SERPs for my mom venture site, and then on September 28th, I saw a huge drop in traffic for my candle site!! I wondered what was going on since my candle site traffic had […]