Pushing Through to The Other Side with SmartPassiveIncome Podcast

Wow, today I totally felt like “what’s the use?”. It’s kind of odd because all week, I’ve been pumped up about my websites and moving forward with them. I’ve been listening to the Smartpassiveincome podcasts, which, by the way, are awesome! Pat has really got me motivated, well, until today. I was motivated while listening to him today though for a little bit.

I just started listening to his podcasts on Monday this week and am now on #15, so I’ve been soaking it all in! I don’t know though, today I think maybe I’m getting sick or something. I ended up with a headache and bit of a sore throat,so most likely my body is just drained. I realized earlier today that I can’t just go by feelings. I mean, you’re going to feel down in the dumps sometimes but you just have to keep pushing through. We can’t just quit things just because we’re sick or feeling down one day. I wouldn’t do that if I had an outside job would I?


In fact I would have still gone to work today if I worked outside the home. So part of it too was that I’m not seeing the results that I think I should be by now and today, since I wasn’t feeling well anyway, that just kind of hit me and a lot of negative thoughts started running through my brain.

So, what did I do?

Well, first I took a nap with my 3 year old. A much longer nap than I intended and then woke up with a headache! So that didn’t really help, but then I started thinking about what more I need to do with my candle making site, which is my main project right now.
Now I was listening to podcast #14 or 15 I think, and Pat was talking about how he only focuses on one project at a time, even though he has many projects going on at the same time.

This is how he does it…

He has specific things to get done for each project and lists those things in order. So like for his example, if he is working on an Iphone app, he only focuses on that until he gets to the point where he sends the idea to the developer. Then once it’s in the hands of the developer to work on, he can now focus on one of his other projects.

With each project he has certain “stopping” points. So once he gets to a “stopping” point, he will take that time during the stopping point for one project and focus on another project. So he has multiple things going on, but he gives each one his full attention until he gets to a stopping point, like sending an app idea to the developer where it is now out of his hands and he doesn’t have to work on it until it’s done being developed and then he’ll go back to it for promoting it or whatever.

Making My Own Stopping Points

So I was thinking today about making myself some stopping points for each website I’m working on. Just places where I can stop working on it for a little bit and work on another website. I’ve been doing a lot of building backlinks for my candle making site this month and also writing content for it, so I’m thinking I am going to spend this next week writing more content, putting up more pictures and I’m also going to try and get a Youtube video up tomorrow actually and I’m hoping that will really give me a boost too.

But I think after next week, I am going to give myself a stopping point for that site and start back to work on my horse classifieds site. I’m excited to get back to work on that one since it has been awhile and of course horses are my absolute passion. But it’ll also give me a chance to step back from this site for a bit since I think I’m getting a bit burnt out with all the work I’ve been trying to do. I’ll just give it a chance for Google to pick up the back links and kind of take a break and see how it does in the rankings.

Obviously, if people start emailing me about making soy candles, then I will answer them back and try to help, but no working on the actual website for a bit.
So that’s my plan to help prevent burnout on each project. I was really happy today though for one reason, this morning I looked a my Adsense account and I had $2.52 just from 2 clicks today! I’m really hoping my Adsense earnings get back up to around $20 or more again. It’s been a real downer seeing it plunge so much, but some of my keyphrases are getting back up there. Frappuccino Recipe is back to the first page, though down toward the bottom so I’m not getting much traffic from it yet, but that’s definitely progress from when it fell to several pages deep.
So that was my downer day today! I think tomorrow will be better. I’m looking forward to doing my candle making video for Youtube! It’ll be fun. I’m also thinking about doing a podcast just talking about my life and the different home businesses I’ve pursued, and just about my journey so far to this point today, which I will post here.

So anyway, keep your chin up and keep pushing!

Till next time!

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