Newest Panda Update as Well as EMD?

Well, I just found an article that says that Google also released a new Panda update about the same time as their new EMD update. September 27th. Here’s the article:

So I had been wondering why both my Mom Venture site had gone down even more in traffic, although the main recipe that was bringing in so much traffic before July 25th has gone up a little in results for one of it’s main keyphrases, and my How to make soy candles site had took a dump in the search results and traffic after several months of significant traffic growth.

Now it is really frustrating to me, because I look at some of the sites that are at the top of the list in search results for homemade candles (which was not my main keyphrase for that sites homepage, but it was one I was ranking almost at the top for), and I really don’t see the quality that should be there. In fact I don’t see why my page took such a nose dive at all! The only thing I could think of is that I didn’t exactly have “homemade candles” in my title although for some reason when I’d see my homepage in search results for homemade candles before the update, it didn’t show my site title, but showed the name of my site “homemade candle creations” which I always thought was kind of weird!

So, I changed the title a couple days ago to include “homemade candles” in it. I guess we’ll see if that works. Google has indexed my site since then to reflect the change, but there hasn’t been much difference. Though I know it can take some time to bounce back from this so I just need to be patient.

As far as my magic traffic recipe on my Mom Venture site……I just don’t know what to do about that. That drop happened back in July and I still haven’t been able to recover from it and since the new Panda and EMD update, I’ve seen even more of a drop in traffic. This is a blog I’ve had since 2009 with quite a lot of content.

It’s just so frustrating now because I used to not have much problem ranking for certain keyphrases and now??? I just don’t know what Google wants, because great content still is just not enough. I imagine that if you have lots of people sharing then, sure, you’ll rank well, but what about the great content that is new. How are people supposed to  see that content if you can’t be found in search results because the already established content is all set at the top? I don’t know….

So before I came back to finish this post, I found out that there was in fact a Panda update on July 24th, which coincides with my high ranked recipe dumping down in the serps on July 25th!

That explains it……

So now what to do about it?

Well, I just plan on continuing on with the new backlinking strategy I’ve been working on, and see how things are in another couple weeks, and keep adding content to those sites.  Pretty much all that can be done right now.

Until next time….


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