My First Income Report

First of all, I had hoped to get more videos up by now, but it has been incredibly difficult to get any quiet time to do them lately.  I’ve been homeschooling my boys in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon if we get up late, and then keeping up with the house work, cooking and then the boys have been having a really hard time getting to sleep before 11pm at night even when I put them down around 9! It’s enough to drive one a little nuts.

The good news is that we are building a wall to section off for a 3rd bedroom any day now, so we’ll be able to move our oldest who is 8, into his own room and the other 2 will share the current bedroom. I am excited to see how this does with the bed time battles :)

So anyway, I’m attempting to write this before going to bed while it is somewhat quiet (with the exception of my husband wanting to talk while I’m typing…..)

Let’s get down to business.

So I’m going to admit, I don’t make much per month yet, BUT, I had a significant jump in earnings last year just before Summer started without doing a whole lot, so I’m going to show you about that. After this introductory income report, I’ll try to keep up to date on posting a monthly report. This is so that I can keep myself on track and look back at where I’ve been and what’s worked and what hasn’t, and so that hopefully anyone reading these reports can learn a little something too, and gain some encouragement knowing that you can indeed make money online.

I’ll tell you, what really got a fire under me this year was Pat Flynn over at .  I love his site and reading how he got started and seeing where he is now! If I could only make a fraction of what he’s bringing in per month, I’d be happy as a clam! I only wish I’d found him sooner.  lol

Ok, so let’s really get down to business this time….

Adsense Earnings and Drop in Traffic

Adsense is so far the #1 income source for me, and I’ve been toying with Adsense since I started my first self hosted website back in 2006. For a long time, like years, I just placed some Adsense ad blocks on a couple of my sites and didn’t do much with them. I earned a few cents here and there, but my first paycheck from Adsense finally came last year (you have to get to $100 to get a check from them). Then after some changes to some of my sites, moving Adsense into the content, and especially after writing a recipe on my MomVenture site, that ended up get tons of traffic much to my surprise!

I still get lots of traffic to that one recipe and I have yet to write another post that gets so much attention and ranks so well in the search engines for a popular term like that.

There was a significant decline in traffic last month though, and I am trying to figure it out. It started after July 24th (while the family and I were off at church camp for the week of course). I do know that that keyword fell in the search results a bit, though still on the first page.

Google Analytics Report of Traffic Drop


So you can see, after I started my serious SEO campaign, doing more keyword research for each post, adding a bit more content to some of them, changing some of the titles, etc… I had a significant rise in traffic last year, and in turn, had a siginificant rise in Adsense earnings from this particular site. You may notice a gap in January, but somehow I lost analytics for a period of time, though I can’t remember exactly what happened.

Then, this year, I had an even larger increase in traffic due to that particular recipe I posted, and have more than doubled my Adsense earnings per month from this one site.

But July 25th my keyword fell in the search results and so did my traffic….drastically. I should have documented my changes prior to that, but I didn’t. (shame on me!). I do think though, that I had changed the title of that post in order to hopefully improve my ranking even more, and I think I moved a paragraph that I had at the beginning of the post, down to the bottom just before that too.  Obviously I should have left well enough alone!

I have in the past 2 weeks, restored that recipe’s title to what it was prior to the drop and moved that paragraph back up top. I have seen a slight improvement on one of my major keywords, but the other is playing ping pong. It had gone up, but now it isn’t even on the first page at all, but the 3rd! So it’s just going to be a wait and see. Sometimes Google does that when you make changes, and then it eventually gets back to a good first page position.

So I have 4 other sites that have Adsense on them and they also make a little money each month. Here is how all my sites rank as far as how much they bring in from the most to the least:

MomVenture (My mom blog)

Learn How To Make Soy Candles (My soy candle business that I closed and changed into an info site)

ClassAds Equine (I am a horse lover!)

Higher Focus Art (I also paint in my spare time….I know…what spare time?)

I’m not going to post how much each of these made individually right now, but I will give you a screen shot of how my Adsense earnings have improved over the years:

Adsense Earnings Report 2007-2012

As you can see, there was a pretty good jump in earnings starting in June 2011 where I made a little over $8.00 that month! After that month, I averaged around $10 a month until March of this year, where I made $25 in one month! I had almost hit my goal of making $1 a day from Adsense! Since then, I have been doing about $14-$20 each month.

So since last year, I have been able to get 2 checks from Adsense! Very cool!

I’m a little concerned about September though, since my traffic dropped so much for my Mom Venture site and so far this month I’ve only hit $3.78  which isn’t too good. I’m hoping that since I’ve been posting more new posts on that blog, and with some new content on my other sites, I’ll be able to get it back up there and start seeing some more forward progress!

Adsense Earnings for August 2012: $15.01

Other Income:

So here are some other ways I’ve been making a little income. I’ve just started about 1-2 months ago with all of these, so It will take some more time to build, but I’ve made a little money :) Affiliate earnings: July 1st-Sept. 11 $2.17 (Mom Venture Blog) Affiliate earnings: $0

Other affiliate earnings: $0

Offline Income

I have also been working for my brother doing his website development and online marketing for his espresso business. My parents now own one of the drive thru espresso stands too and my cousin is now running the other (there are 3 of them in Salem, Or.). I am also going to be starting soon on taking over Quickbooks for them and doing the payroll too, so I’ll be making some extra money with that each month too. Exciting!

Well, that’s the first report! I’m sure the monthly ones won’t be quite so long 😉

Any questions?? Please feel free to ask!

Until next time…


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