Monthly Income Report for November and Backlinking Strategy Update

Well, I was planning on getting this post up last week, but on Monday night our middle child, who will be 6 this month, broke his leg when he and his older brother decided to jump off the couch at the same time….too close to each other….That went real well….I have a picture of them smiling in the air too. That smile didn’t last long.

So last week was kind of hectic. He has now been on the couch with his broken leg elevated, in a splint for a week now and will be going in to get a cast on Tuesday. I thank the Lord he hasn’t really been in any pain since Thursday, unless his leg gets moved, like when I have to sit him up in order to change his bedding or use the bathroom or something, or when he has a muscle spasm in his upper thigh, which isn’t happening very often now. And then our 3 year old has been a little stinker the last couple weeks, so that has made it even more fun trying to get anything done here.

So anyway, it’s been kind of chaotic here. Just when I had a new schedule for myself too! I am determined to try and stick to it this week though now that things have settled down.

November 2012 Income Report

So every month I am reporting my income for the month before that includes all my work at home businesses whether it be online or offline. I am trying to get to where I earn most of my income online, and my goal at the moment is to hit at least $100 a month online. Right now I’m not making much, but it did increase over the past year, in fact it doubled after I got back to working on SEO and started getting more traffic.

*Some of the links below are affiliate links, but only to services or products that I have personally used. If you do decide to go through the affiliate link and purchase the product or service I would like to say thank you, I really appreciate it.

So the month of November held some changes for me as far as really ramping up my link building to my candle making site that I’ve been focusing most of my time and energy on lately. I’ve also been trying to write and write and write more content. As far as the link building goes, I tried mass article submitting with Unique Article Wizard (UAW). Now, I cancelled my subscription after a month because I just can’t afford to pay that much each month. I did however decide to do the $5 a month storage for a little while in case I want to start using their service again if I start seeing some great results. I do love that they have a 30 day money back guarantee, but I decided not to claim it since I do feel the service is excellent and it did save a lot of time submitting articles. They did charge me for the next month sooner than I thought they would, so I had to contact them to get that money back since I had cancelled on the last day of the month, but they quickly responded and refunded the money,so as far as trustworthy goes, I have been very happy with the service.

I submitted 5 articles with UAW which were each submitted to 200-400 directories. Now, I have to say, it has been a month since I submitted those articles, and I know not all of them had been accepted by all of the directories and blogs they were submitted to yet, so I may need to just wait a little longer to see, but the verdict is still out on whether it’s really working or not.  I am doing the Backlinking Strategy that Works and so far for the keyphrase I’m targeting for the home page of the site, I’ve had all my site pages ranking and some of them moving up in the rankings on Google, Except, Except, the home page which I’m targeting! It keeps bouncing around on the very last page of search results, which is like page 87-96, and much of the time it doesn’t show up at all. I have been wracking my brain for the problem. It shows up on the first page of Google for the keyphrase “homemade soy candles” so I’m not sure what the problem is. Especially when you’ve got other websites showing up on some of the middle pages that have nothing to do with making soy candles.

Anyway, it’s a mystery I’m working on solving, so I will share my results when I see what works.


Since I started typing this report on December 3rd,it is now Dec. 10th and I have seen some definite improvement in my site standings. I have been doing some other SEO and link building here and there too, plus I also changed the title of the home page, and found that there was a duplicate title with one of my other pages. Apparently I forgot to set the title in All In One SEO on that page so it was using my home page title. Well, since I changed that too, I have seen my site go up for the keyphrase “homemade soy candles” on the first page of Google, where it has been, but now it is in position 4, and it is now showing up on the second page of Bing and Yahoo for my target phrase “how to make soy candles” which is awesome because it was not showing up on those search engines at all before a couple days ago. It is still bouncing around on the last page of Google search results though for the target phrase, but it gives me hope that since it is showing up on Bing and Yahoo clear up on the second page, that maybe soon, Google will  get a hold of it too!

I do have my anchor layer site showing up on the second page of Google for my target phrase “how to make soy candles” so that tells me that the backlinks that I did through Unique Article Wizard are apparently working. I have several of my other anchor layer sites moving up also for that keyphrase.

I am a little excited to see what happens in the coming month. I was hoping that things would shape up before Christmas and that I might get a bigger check from Google Adsense, but I guess it’s going to have to wait til after the new year.

So How Much Money Did I Make?

Here are the stats for each of my income avenues:

Google Adsense: $10.07   (+$1.25) I have hit $100 dollars total in my Adsense account, so I will be recieving a check from them by the end of December! Yay! That will be 3 checks total since June 2011. I’ve been playing with Adsense since 2007, but last year I finally learned how to use it (and I’m still learning) plus getting more traffic to my sites. So there were 11 months between my first and second check, and now only 7 months between my second and 3rd check. I’m hoping soon I’ll be able to get a check every month! Associates: $1.03   (+$1.03) Affiliate: $0 (not expecting much from this for awhile)

Offline Income

Quickbooks, Website, and Misc. Jobs for my brother’s business: $125

So I am encouraged a little by the upward trend from last month. I know that has to do with the increase in traffic. Also, not all of my adsense earnings comes from my candle site. I have several sites, but most of the earnings are from the candle site and my mom blog at the moment. I’m hoping to start back to work on my horse classified site soon too.

So I hope this report was helpful to you! As always, if you have comments, suggestions, questions…. Please throw them out there! I would love to interact!

Til next time….


11 comments to Monthly Income Report for November and Backlinking Strategy Update

  • Joe McCready

    Hi Melissa,

    A great month! You gotta start somewhere right? Very encouraging! Another strategy I keep reading about besides article distribution in posting in forums. I would think that would prove worthwhile with your type of affiliate site (being a craft). Well keep up the good work, you are an inspiration!


    • admin

      Thank you for commenting. That is also very encouraging :) I actually have also been doing more with forums too lately. I’m going to talk about that in my next post here. I forgot to mention that in this one. I’ve been using Google Alerts as well which has been very convenient to let me know as soon as someone has posted something about my niche. Makes it much easier so I don’t have to go searching as much.
      Thank you again for your kind words!

  • Love the story here. What is your site name (for the candles). I actually just wrote a little bit on forum posting, one of my first posts actually and really feel forum posting would benefit you as your niche is very specific. Get in candle groups and network network network. Is your main goal promoting the candle site or this site or both? Would love to hear from ya.

    • admin

      Thank you for stopping by, and for your input on your other comment too! I am working on downsizing the images on that site too as someone else suggested. It’s been tough trying to get my site load down, but I thought I had it there since Pingdom was showing a fast load time, but apparently user experience is telling me something else! lol My main goal is to promote the candle making site right now, and then I have a few other sites I’ve had for some time, but never knew quite how to turn them into money making sites, but now I have a better idea how, so I can’t wait to get back to work on those also.
      This site here is basically just to keep track of what I’m doing with all of my attempts at working from home, and if I gain a following that would be awesome, but I’m not focusing on that since I know before I can break into the “how to make money from home” type niche, I need to be making a decent income from home first! lol So anyway, I’m just using this site to document that at the moment, hopefully pick up some readers, and I do have a couple affiliate links to things that I use or have used such as Bluehost and UAW.

      I don’t sell the candles anymore except to my family and friends. I did it for about 4 years and with 3 kids it was just too much to handle, so since I love helping people with their businesses and have experience setting up websites and stuff, I thought I’d turn it into a place for people wanting to learn to make soy candles and also advice on selling them, where to buy supplies and all that.

      So thanks again for stopping by! I’ll definitely drop by your site and check it out!

  • Actually I found ya. Saw the video on your homepage. Your number five on the listings which is good but that Im sure will go up and down. Like the site layout. Do you sell the candles looks like top spot in google for that keyphrase does but is on vacation, good for your biz. One thing that could help would be page load for that site and this, took a little while. Anyways keep it up, you will get there. Your already a good case study for niche sites. Getting to the first page is a great example.

  • How has UAW been working for you overall? It’s totally normal for your website to jump around for a bit so I would just keep doing what you’re doing. You have the work ethic to achieve your goals so it’s only a matter of time :)

    • My Work At Home Ventures

      Well thank you! I hope I can improve that work ethic this coming year too! lol As far as UAW, I think it is working. I mean, many of my anchor sites have moved up in rankings pretty consistently, as well as the inner pages of the candle site. I’m still having issues with the home page for that particular site with the target keyphrase (how to make soy candles), although I am now in position 3 for the term homemade soy candles, which isn’t my target, but I am getting some traffic from that, although it’s not as competitive a keyphrase either. I would like to give UAW a try for another month and get some more articles out there pointing to my anchor sites to see if that might give it another boost upwards, but the funds just aren’t there right now.
      Anyway, thank you for the encouragement! And thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment, I really appreciate that :)

  • I just started my niche site! I hope to get the same success your seeing as well! Well written article, I bookmarked your website!

    • My Work At Home Ventures

      That’s awesome! I hope you have great success with your site! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’ll be sure to check out your site too :)

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