Monthly Income Report for December 2012

Well, here we are again! Christmas is over, New Years is over, and now it’s time to settle back down and get back to a daily routine. I love the holidays, but it is kind of relieving once they’re over with. Now I feel like I can get back to focusing on my goals, not only for my business(s) but also just for my daily home life with my kids and husband, and especially for my spiritual life. I am also looking forward to tax time, since we always get a lot back and then use that to pay off some things so we can start fresh and debt free (except for the house) for the year, or at least almost debt free anyway. I am hoping and praying that this year will see a significant increase in income so we don’t have to wait til tax time to pay things off! And so we don’t have to use credit in order to pay for necessary expenses that come up.

So I haven’t felt much like writing lately and I was just at the library tonight and was feeling accomplished after an unproductive time there because I had got this income report and all the little updates I wanted to do done. Then it was gone…..

So I’m starting over, and I’m just going to jump right into the income report again because that seemed to help get the writing juices flowing earlier.

Online Earnings for December…

Adsense: $7.48 (-$2.60) $2.10 (+$1.07) $0

Offline earnings

Website and Quickbooks work: $0  I didn’t do much with Quickbooks last month since my brother is just planning on having me start over from Jan. 1st for both locations. So hopefully I’ll have something here in the next income report :)  Plus I am getting set up to where I can install Quickbooks here at home instead of having to drive to his place to enter receipts and all that. I have been doing graphics and online work for him though.

Adsense Earnings Down….

So Adsense earnings were down last month which was a little disappointing since I had high hopes that my traffic would start to see some increases to my candle making site. Sadly it hasn’t changed much. I see no reason why my site should not be showing up for it’s keyphrases and I am beginning to suspect my theme? I think I’m going to try changing it to Atahualpa, which I have used a lot in the past and I’ve found a way to speed up the load time for it, so I think that’s what I’m going to do. Also I need to reevaluate the navigation structure.

Part of the reason though that Adsense was down, and maybe even the main reason, I took the adsense ad block off of the home page that was up by the introduction. I had asked some advice on a forum about the seo on the page and someone commented “do you have enough ads on there?” Which really, they should have kept that comment to themselves because it had nothing to do with seo, but oh well.

So I decided to take one ad block off the home page. Well, this month I put it back up there, and I have seen a big jump already in earnings. I’ve already made over $5 from adsense just from my candle making site! I’ve gotten some clicks from my other sites too, some of which didn’t earn me anything last month, so that’s nice too. Also…Also….. My video! I monetized my first candle making video at the end of December and it earned me $0.98 last month. And this month it has earned me a little money every single day. Only 8-38 cents each day, but hey, it all ads up. And I’m hoping the traffic will continue to rise even more, and then it could possibly make me a decent amount!

Youtube Video Update

So speaking of my video. I have two candle making youtube videos up now, and the first one is already up to 1300 views in just under 2 months! It also has 16 likes and I have 16  17 subscribers to my channel now. Plus! I’ve had the pleasure of replying to several comments on my videos as well :)  Things are looking good in that department.

Library Fiasco….

So as I mentioned above, I was at the library earlier, trying to get some work done on my laptop. That’s one thing my husband and I agreed on recently, is to allow for me to have 2 hours a night a few nights a week to work on my online projects. So I thought that going to the library would be a good idea so I’d be completely away from him and the kids so that I might be able to focus better.

Well, tonight did not go well at the library. I got there and had to go to the childrens section and find the one table that was vacant (I suppose I might have been able to try upstairs, but I’ve never been upstairs in our library before so I didn’t want to look silly walking around with all my stuff searching for a place to sit!) and then the wifi signal would only go up to one bar. So, internet access was reallllllly slllloooow. Well, I thought I’d work on my ebook which I started on a few months ago, but the words just wouldn’t come. I could not think of where to start….at all….. And then a couple kids came to the table and started playing checkers. So then this other guy left from a different table, so I packed up and went over there only to find that there were no outlets there (my laptop battery doesn’t hold a charge). So finally I was able to go to where the library computers are and there was space there at the table with an outlet. So by that time, it was 7pm and I only had 1 hour left.

So then it took awhile getting my internet going and I messed around with a few things, was cold, and so tired I thought I was going to pass out, when I decided to do this income report. I stared at the screen for a bit and then started typing. I got so much done, finally!

And then I hit the publish button…..

That’s when something went terribly wrong. An error, or something, that I’ve never seen before “Are you sure you want to do that?” is basically what it said. So I hit continue…. it takes me back to editing my post. So without looking at it, I hit publish again and go to view my newly published income report……

ONE paragraph stared back at me…..ONE.

I tried the back button but to no avail. It didn’t even autosave it.

I thought I was going to cry. Then I was angry. Then I shut the computer and left the library behind.

So here I am retyping it here in the comfort of my home because my hubby was so kind enough to get the kids to bed and let me sit in our bedroom and do the work I had tried to do earlier.

I think maybe it might be best to just work at home 😉

Well, that’s all I have for now. Hopefully my writers block will go away and I can get another post up between now and the next income report 😉

Until next time!



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