Monthly Income Report and Google EMD Update

So July I saw a huge drop in traffic due to one of my main keyphrases dropping down significantly in the SERPs for my mom venture site, and then on September 28th, I saw a huge drop in traffic for my candle site!! I wondered what was going on since my candle site traffic had been on the rise and was doing well, and now it is at an all time low. Well, I found out that Google rolled out another lovely update to target low quality exact match domains (EMD). From what I hear, and also from what I’ve experienced is that there are quite a few legitimate, higher quality sites that have been hit hard as well. I realize what Google is trying to do, but personally, I think they are taking this a little too far. You can only do so much determining what is “quality” content. You can place algorithm after algorithm into the search engine, but there’s only so much that a computer can do to determine what is “quality” content or not. Personally I think they need to leave well enough alone, because the more you try to make something perfect, the more it eventually will become imperfect because they are more and more taking out good sites along with the bad. These are peoples businesses you’re dealing with here.

Anyway, I will say that Matt Cutts at Buzzblogger.comsaid it well….”Google is known for releasing aggressive updates and then drawing them back in over time. So let’s wait for the dust to settle before drawing too wide of a conclusion.”

It could be that my sites will come back up in the rankings once the dust clears from all this.

I am also working on a new backlinking strategy that I have been reading about from Pat Flynn at I won’t go into exact detail here, but you can click on the link to Pat’s site to see how he does it. I am excited to see how it works from my candle site this month!

Ok, so with all of the loss of traffic, my Adsense has taken a hit and Amazon hasn’t done much more either. Here is my report for last month:

Google Adsense: $12.60

Amazon Associates: $.70

Total: $13.30

So that’s it! I’ll keep up to date on how the backlinking strategy is working and if my sites get back on the charts with Google!

Until next time..


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