May 2013 Income Report-Making Progress!

Well, I made it through another month by leaps and bounds. May was pretty exciting with some big changes that ended up working out really, really well! The bad part is that I waited so long to get this report posted and I didn’t document what changes I made, so I won’t be able to share with you exactly what I did :(

Lesson learned: if I’m not going to get a blog post up soon, then I better at least jot down some important points to remember!!

Oh well, we’ll just get to it and show you how I did for May and then head on over to the June report!

Adsense Income

Website Adsense: $17.10 (+4.44)

Youtube Adsense:  $36.95 (+12.25)

Other Affiliate Income $1.12 (-3.32) $0



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