June 2013 Online Income Report


That’s what I have to say for this months income report! I was so excited to finally hit my $100 a month goal this month 😀 I could not believe how much my website earnings had gone up. This was due mainly from just adding more content to both my candle site and my coffee recipe site.  And you know what? I’ve done very, very little backlinking, in fact, I really haven’t done any except for some social bookmarking and the backlinks that were already in place when I switched my candle site over to the new domain.

Other than that, I’ve just been adding quality content to both sites and sharing each new page on my facebook business page, on my Twitter page (my mom blog), on Pinterest and Stumbleupon (I’ll get into the whole Stumbleupon thing sometime, but I’m still figuring it out at the moment). I’ve been getting others naturally liking and sharing my content too, which is awesome!

So, Income!

Adsense Income

Website Adsense: $52.29 (+35.19!!)

Youtube Adsense: $43.52 (+6.57)

Other Affiliate Income

Amazon.com: $9.11  (+7.99!)

Bluehost.com: $0 Still haven’t been doing much to earn more Bluehost commission, but eventually I will be trying out some strategies for that.

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