Getting Caught Up on My Income Reports-January And February 2013

Well, I’m back…..finally. It’s been a crazy past month and a half or so.  First of all, I was delayed in posting any new reports because I had a bad toothache that laid me up for a few days. Then we started renovating our kitchen which then ended up turning into a whole house thing. Fresh paint, new moulding, finishing up the extra bedroom, texturing, and so on. During that time we all got sick a couple of times, and then I’ve been working on a new website for our church. So.

I will say though, the past 2 months have been shaping up VERY nicely and I’ve seen some wonderful improvement in my Adsense earnings. One thing I’ve noticed is that my amount I earn per click has increased lately. Many times I’ll get $1 or more from just one click from my websites. I’ve even gotten over $2 for a click a couple times! Pretty neat, and it seems that the click through rate (ctr) for the Youtube video ads is much higher than for my websites, like 11-12% vs. maybe 1% for the websites, so either I need to try changing the ad placement on my sites, or the video ads just do better no matter what. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

Income Report for January 2013

Adsense Earnings:

$20.94 (+$13.46)

$7.68 of the total amount above was earned from my candle making Youtube video. Pretty cool, huh? Wait til you see next months report…

$0 (-$2.10)


Income Report for February 2013

Adsense Earnings:

$39.75 (+$18.81!)

How much of that was from my candle making video on Youtube???  $17.38  I’m loving it! Now to just get it in gear and get some more videos up. I actually have 2 candle making videos, but nearly all of the adsense earnings come from the very first one I put up.


$0 (this number will change for the very first time in the March income report! It’s just too bad I won’t see this money until I hit $100, so I just need one more referral!)


Offline Earnings

No offline earnings to report for the last 2 months, but I should start making some for March and onward since my brother is having me finally start work on doing payroll and Quickbooks for his business and I am also handling his online marketing and website. Plus I may be helping some Saturdays at some of the events that he’s doing coffee concessions for this Spring/Summer. And in case you’re interested, here is the link to his website: Coffee In Motion . He has 3 locations in Salem, Oregon. And makes the BEST drinks around! 😉


So that’s all caught up now. Hopefully the next report won’t be so late. I just have the hardest time focusing on too many projects. One of these days I’ll get some sort of system down so I don’t end up abandoning certain projects for months at a time.



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