Income and Traffic Report for October 2012

So I’m trying to keep track of my income at the end of each month here. This way I can have documented for myself what’s been going on with my income and past income and kind of give me an idea of what strategy’s have been working. Plus I want anyone looking at starting an internet business to be able to see how I’ve been doing and hopefully, when my income starts to take off, they can see that it is possible to be successful online.

As I said at the beginning, I am not making much yet, but I am excited to be following Pat Flynn at because he has shown me that this could work if I work at it! As I said before, my short term goal is to make $200 a month either with one site or with all my sites put together, but that’s my goal. Considering how much I’ve seen that quite a few people online are making per month and even not long after they started, I think $200 is a pretty easily attainable goal.

So, I’ve had some setbacks, but I’m working as much as I can to overcome these and get my sites back on track.

I’m going to go ahead and get into the traffic report so here is a list of sites I have currently. The ones in bold are the ones I am working on at the moment, and the others are on the back burner for now. Most of these sites I’ve had for several years, but only this year really started learning the right way to monetize them and get more traffic, especially after the setbacks from the latest Google updates.

Before those updates, I didn’t usually have any problem ranking for low-medium competition keywords/phrases, but now? I feel like I’m swimming upstream! lol

Traffic Reports

So here’s the list, I will use Google Analytics for this since it doesn’t count search bots so it’s more accurate of the true amount of visitors than Awstats or another stats program that you might use through your web hosting company.

  •  visits: 350 unique visitors: 250  with 2.45 pages per visit.
  • (my original soy candle site when I was selling them) I’m not listing traffic for this one yet because I had been redirecting it to the site, but I’ve removed the redirect and am going to leave it as it’s own site connected to the making soy candles site. I’ll explain later!
  • visits: 819  unique visits: 742 with 1.29 pages per visit
  • visits: 29  unique visitors: 12 with 5.17 pages per visit.
  • visits: 986 unique visitors: 492 (I am using Awstats for this site because I have some pages that I haven’t added the Google Analytics code into, so it isn’t tracking all my pages in Analytics yet.)
  • Visits: 715  unique visitors: 257 (using Awstats for this one too for the same reasons stated above)
  • No stats yet, I just started this site at the very end of October.
  • (my husbands site for his music) Visits: 247 unique visitors: 119 (also using awstats. Need to fix the analytics code I think)
  •  Visits: 7  unique visitors: 6 with 2.29 pages per visit

I have 3 other sites I’m working on, one for a friends gunstock carving business, another for a group camping rental website and another for my brother’s drive thru espresso business, but I’m not going to post stats here since they aren’t my personal sites.

Income Reports

Online Income for October 2012

Offline Income:

Quickbooks (and website work) for my brother’s business: $125


So that’s it. Income went down some more due to less traffic, but I am very optimistic that it will start increasing again once the backlinking strategy starts to kick in, plus I am really trying to hammer content out on my soy candle making, and coffee recipes sites, and of course this site as well.

Until next time!





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