Online Income Report-July 2013 and More New Goals!

Going Up!

So July, another great month, especially for my website Adsense ads. I even took a whole week off for our church camp week and still made money :) That’s what I love about this.

Well, since I hit my goal of $100 a month in June, and this month I got close to $150, my next goal is $200 and I hope to do that by the end of August or, at the latest, September. I just need to push myself to get more content up and especially get my ebook done. I’m so excited to see how well my ebook does and find out what people think of it (hopefully everyone likes it!)

I’m hoping to have my ebook done by the middle of September, which is coming up fast! I’ve been having a harder time getting motivated to keep writing it. Of course once I make myself sit down and do it, I do enjoy it, it’s just very overwhelming with how many pages it is going to end up being and all the info I need to put into it to make it awesome.

So, here’s July’s income. I’m hoping to see another increase like this for August! And, you’ll notice that my earnings have been getting a bit more consistent the last 2 months, and you’ll see another increase there in my August report too :)

Adsense Income

Website Adsense: $88.07 (+35.78!!) Another huge increase this month! Score!

Youtube Adsense: $46.06 (+2.54)

Other Affiliate Income $3.12  (-5.99) $0 Still haven’t been doing much to earn more Bluehost commission, but eventually I will be trying out some strategies for that.

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