Income Report for March 2013

Well, once again, my income reports are getting behind. I am pretty excited though because things have been continually going forward with my sites and the income has gradually been going up. Not a huge amount, but I’ve definitely passed my goal that I’ve had since last year to get to averaging $1 a day from Adsense. And with the changes I’ve been making, I am optimistic that I’ll hit my $100 a month goal soon!!

This is going to be a short post since I need to do the April income report after this :)

Online Income

Adsense for Content (from my websites): $13.57 (-$8.80) So I definitely need to look into what happened here. I’m hoping that the new changes I’ve made will get that number back up and beyond though. I think it will!

Hosted Adsense for Content (Youtube Ads): $26.55 (+$9.17) Affiliate Income: $0 Affiliate Income: $0   I had someone sign up last month, but then they must not have followed through because a week later it didn’t show on there anymore. I was a little disappointed with that but oh well!

Offline Income

Nothing to report here.

So that’s it for March. I will do a separate post this time to lay out all the changes I’ve been making to my main site and what the results have been so far!

Next up….April!



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