Income Report for April 2013

So I’m just getting caught up on April’s report. I don’t have much to talk about at the moment since I am saving some exciting things for a whole new post so let’s just get right into the income report, shall we?

Online Income

Adsense for Content (websites): $12.65 (-$.92) Still anticipating that this number will soon be going back up to February’s numbers or more soon!

Hosted Adsense for Content (Youtube Ads): $24.86 (-$1.69) Youtube earnings were down a bit, but Nearly all of that income is from only 1 of my videos! I’ve made some changes to the title of my second video and am starting to see an increase in traffic for that as well as an increase in clicks on ads in April, so my next income report will look much better.  I am following the same techniques I used on my first video with my latest video as well, but it’s still a little early to tell with that one. $4.44 (+$4.44) Affiliate Earnings: $0

Offline Income

Nothing to report

Well, that’s it again!

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