How To Make a Full Width Header Image for A WordPress Site: Atahualpa Theme

This is the third video in my How to Build Your First Website series. If you are new here, don’t have your own website yet and want to get started, please visit my first video Build Your First Blog or Website in less Than 10 min. with WordPress.

In this video I show you how to make a full width background for the header of your web pages so that it looks like the header image is stretched all the way across the top of the webpage. I’m using the WordPress theme Atahualpa, Gimp (free) image editing program, and Bluehost for my hosting company.

I love how this website is coming along. In fact  this is the first website so far where I’ve actually used a full length background for the header area, and I can see that so far it’s shaping up nicely. There’s still more work to do but I plan to document each step as I go along.

Now it is taking me some time to get this site finished because of having to record what I’m doing and  redo recordings because of mistakes, uploading them to Youtube, and other family obligations and projects, but if I wasn’t having to record it to show to you, it would not take long at all to get this site finished. In fact, you could get it done in a day if you have a good idea what you want for the design.

The next video will be coming soon and I’ll show you how to make the actual header image that will blend with the full length background and complete the header design!

So stay tuned, subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow along!

Until next time….

~Melissa Hall

2 comments to How To Make a Full Width Header Image for A WordPress Site: Atahualpa Theme

  • Hi!

    I have watched this tutorial several times. Please let me know where and how to change the picture (berries,etc.).



  • My Work At Home Ventures

    Hi, thanks for watching! I regret not finishing this series, (and the quality of the videos watching them now! lol) but I started some other projects and haven’t got back to this :/ Anyway, as for your question, which was supposed to be answered in the next video that I never made!

    To change the actual header pictures, you would go to the folder /wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/

    You’ll need to go to the file directory in the Cpanel to do that. All the header images are located in that folder, so if you only want one image there, then delete the other images and just upload the image you want to use for the header. If you want to use your own rotating header images other than the berries, etc…. then just upload all the images you want to rotate and they should do that.

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