Time Management Hacks

26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known at 20 from Etienne Garbugli Are you managing your time or is it managing you? I have a big problem with this. It’s something I THINK I’m working on, but then I realize I’m really not trying very hard. I start to put in place some […]

My First in Person, Youtube Video Experience.

So, I finally got my first Youtube video up, well, not my first, but my first one with me in the video! And you know what? I really enjoyed it. Sure I was up til 3 or 4 am 2 nights in a row trying to get it done, but it was actually perfect doing […]

Pushing Through to The Other Side with SmartPassiveIncome Podcast

Wow, today I totally felt like “what’s the use?”. It’s kind of odd because all week, I’ve been pumped up about my websites and moving forward with them. I’ve been listening to the Smartpassiveincome podcasts, which, by the way, are awesome! Pat has really got me motivated, well, until today. I was motivated while listening […]

YouTube Tags Disappeared? How To View Tags on YouTube

I was listening to a podcast by Pat Flynn at Smartpassiveincome.com on Everything You Need to Know About YouTube for Blogging and Online Business

In that podcast, he was talking about how you can type in your main keywords for your new video into Youtube search, and find popular videos to click on and see […]