Recovering from 2012 Google Panda/Penguin Updates…Finally!

So here’s my story, and I’ll try to make it short so we can get into how I finally got out of the Google hole, and doing better than I ever did before!

Last year, around February or March 2012, I started a new candle site. I had been selling candles for nearly 4 years, […]

Pushing Through to The Other Side with SmartPassiveIncome Podcast

Wow, today I totally felt like “what’s the use?”. It’s kind of odd because all week, I’ve been pumped up about my websites and moving forward with them. I’ve been listening to the Smartpassiveincome podcasts, which, by the way, are awesome! Pat has really got me motivated, well, until today. I was motivated while listening […]

Bouncing Back with Google!

So I’ve been so disappointed, if you hadn’t noticed, with how 2 of my websites have fared during the recent Google algorithm updates the last couple months. I keep wondering if my sites will recover, yet I can’t see how they wouldn’t? They’ve done so well for several years now only to be completely knocked […]

Newest Panda Update as Well as EMD?

Well, I just found an article that says that Google also released a new Panda update about the same time as their new EMD update. September 27th. Here’s the article:

So I had been wondering why both my Mom Venture site had gone down even more in traffic, although the main recipe that was […]

Can Slow Site Speed Cause Drop in Google Search?

That’s what I’m wondering right now. I went to check out the site speed on my Mom Venture blog and found that it was taking over 15 seconds to load!! Now that’s unacceptable.

So I’m thinking, “what in the world?” I have had issues with that site being slow before, but finally had it at […]