Online Income Report-July 2013 and More New Goals!

Going Up!

So July, another great month, especially for my website Adsense ads. I even took a whole week off for our church camp week and still made money That’s what I love about this.

Well, since I hit my goal of $100 a month in June, and this month I got close to $150, […]

June 2013 Online Income Report


That’s what I have to say for this months income report! I was so excited to finally hit my $100 a month goal this month 😀 I could not believe how much my website earnings had gone up. This was due mainly from just adding more content to both my candle site and my […]

May 2013 Income Report-Making Progress!

Well, I made it through another month by leaps and bounds. May was pretty exciting with some big changes that ended up working out really, really well! The bad part is that I waited so long to get this report posted and I didn’t document what changes I made, so I won’t be able to […]

Income Report for April 2013

So I’m just getting caught up on April’s report. I don’t have much to talk about at the moment since I am saving some exciting things for a whole new post so let’s just get right into the income report, shall we?

Online Income

Adsense for Content (websites): $12.65 (-$.92) Still anticipating that this number […]

Income Report for March 2013

Well, once again, my income reports are getting behind. I am pretty excited though because things have been continually going forward with my sites and the income has gradually been going up. Not a huge amount, but I’ve definitely passed my goal that I’ve had since last year to get to averaging $1 a day […]

Getting Caught Up on My Income Reports-January And February 2013

Well, I’m back…..finally. It’s been a crazy past month and a half or so. First of all, I was delayed in posting any new reports because I had a bad toothache that laid me up for a few days. Then we started renovating our kitchen which then ended up turning into a whole house thing. […]

Monthly Income Report for December 2012

Well, here we are again! Christmas is over, New Years is over, and now it’s time to settle back down and get back to a daily routine. I love the holidays, but it is kind of relieving once they’re over with. Now I feel like I can get back to focusing on my goals, not […]

Monthly Income Report for November and Backlinking Strategy Update

Well, I was planning on getting this post up last week, but on Monday night our middle child, who will be 6 this month, broke his leg when he and his older brother decided to jump off the couch at the same time….too close to each other….That went real well….I have a picture of them […]

Income and Traffic Report for October 2012

So I’m trying to keep track of my income at the end of each month here. This way I can have documented for myself what’s been going on with my income and past income and kind of give me an idea of what strategy’s have been working. Plus I want anyone looking at starting an […]

Monthly Income Report and Google EMD Update

So July I saw a huge drop in traffic due to one of my main keyphrases dropping down significantly in the SERPs for my mom venture site, and then on September 28th, I saw a huge drop in traffic for my candle site!! I wondered what was going on since my candle site traffic had […]