Bouncing Back with Google!

So I’ve been so disappointed, if you hadn’t noticed, with how 2 of my websites have fared during the recent Google algorithm updates the last couple months. I keep wondering if my sites will recover, yet I can’t see how they wouldn’t? They’ve done so well for several years now only to be completely knocked down overnight??? So, yes, I’ve got some work to do to keep that from happening again….


Tonight I was checking my search ranking for my Mom Venture site, for that certain recipe page that got knocked down after enjoying a huge traffic boost from it for the last year. Wellllll One of my main keyphrases that used to be at the top of page 1 of Google before the update on July 24th, that knocked it down to page 35-40 is now on page…..drum roll please!…… 5!

Still not a good page to get traffic from, but that is a huge leap in one day! So I am optimistic that it could make it back up to page one.

Site Speed Changes

One change that I did recently though is that I changed the theme back to Greenpark 2 which has proven to have a much faster load time than Atahualpa theme, which I had been in love with for awhile until I realized how slow it loads! I love how easy it is to customize, but I know enough now that I can almost fully customize different WordPress themes without too much problem.

I remembered that that is the main reason I had switched to the Greenpark 2 theme, so I’m wondering if switching back to Atahualpa theme was what delayed my bouncing back after that update in July. Google does take into consideration site loading speed, and when I checked my load time on it was 15 seconds!! That is snail speed! After switching back to Greenpark 2 it is down to about 3-4 seconds, which is still a bit slower than I’d like, but way better than 15.

Upcoming Projects

Anyway, I am just really excited and hopeful now to see what this coming week brings. I’m just going to keep plugging away at submitting articles to top article directories and building quality backlinks for both my main sites this week.

I’m also going to start back to work on my horse classifieds site too because I’ve had some major brainstorming going on, and I think if I could focus on that site at least 2 days a week, I could really get it moving. There are tons of possibilities for content on that site, and I am very experienced with horses, training and riding lessons, and it is my passion, so we’ll see where this goes!

Plus I have an idea and have already bought a domain name for a new niche site, but I’m probably going to only work on it one day a week for now until I get my other sites going well.

So until next time!


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  • Although most of my niche sites stayed fine with all the updates, I had a couple that took a dive. I actually just said forget it and left them alone for a while. A very short while ago I decided to check them out from my phone the load time was brutal on both of them. I was using a theme that must have had a error or something, from mobile my site didn’t even show half the time. I changed the theme and it was seriously quick boost back to google traffic coming in.

    Site wasn’t always slow and used to show on phone. Still don’t know what happened. I think the theme dealt with comments funky or something. Regardless if I had just taken ten seconds to do some diagnostics instead of thinking it was all the google updates I would probably have never lost thoses sites either for that long lol.

    Goes to show how important some things can be.

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