Online Income Report-July 2013 and More New Goals!

Going Up!

So July, another great month, especially for my website Adsense ads. I even took a whole week off for our church camp week and still made money :) That’s what I love about this.

Well, since I hit my goal of $100 a month in June, and this month I got close to $150, my next goal is $200 and I hope to do that by the end of August or, at the latest, September. I just need to push myself to get more content up and especially get my ebook done. I’m so excited to see how well my ebook does and find out what people think of it (hopefully everyone likes it!)

I’m hoping to have my ebook done by the middle of September, which is coming up fast! I’ve been having a harder time getting motivated to keep writing it. Of course once I make myself sit down and do it, I do enjoy it, it’s just very overwhelming with how many pages it is going to end up being and all the info I need to put into it to make it awesome.

So, here’s July’s income. I’m hoping to see another increase like this for August! And, you’ll notice that my earnings have been getting a bit more consistent the last 2 months, and you’ll see another increase there in my August report too :)

Adsense Income

Website Adsense: $88.07 (+35.78!!) Another huge increase this month! Score!

Youtube Adsense: $46.06 (+2.54)

Other Affiliate Income $3.12  (-5.99) $0 Still haven’t been doing much to earn more Bluehost commission, but eventually I will be trying out some strategies for that.

June 2013 Online Income Report


That’s what I have to say for this months income report! I was so excited to finally hit my $100 a month goal this month 😀 I could not believe how much my website earnings had gone up. This was due mainly from just adding more content to both my candle site and my coffee recipe site.  And you know what? I’ve done very, very little backlinking, in fact, I really haven’t done any except for some social bookmarking and the backlinks that were already in place when I switched my candle site over to the new domain.

Other than that, I’ve just been adding quality content to both sites and sharing each new page on my facebook business page, on my Twitter page (my mom blog), on Pinterest and Stumbleupon (I’ll get into the whole Stumbleupon thing sometime, but I’m still figuring it out at the moment). I’ve been getting others naturally liking and sharing my content too, which is awesome!

So, Income!

Adsense Income

Website Adsense: $52.29 (+35.19!!)

Youtube Adsense: $43.52 (+6.57)

Other Affiliate Income $9.11  (+7.99!) $0 Still haven’t been doing much to earn more Bluehost commission, but eventually I will be trying out some strategies for that.

May 2013 Income Report-Making Progress!

Well, I made it through another month by leaps and bounds. May was pretty exciting with some big changes that ended up working out really, really well! The bad part is that I waited so long to get this report posted and I didn’t document what changes I made, so I won’t be able to share with you exactly what I did :(

Lesson learned: if I’m not going to get a blog post up soon, then I better at least jot down some important points to remember!!

Oh well, we’ll just get to it and show you how I did for May and then head on over to the June report!

Adsense Income

Website Adsense: $17.10 (+4.44)

Youtube Adsense:  $36.95 (+12.25)

Other Affiliate Income $1.12 (-3.32) $0



Recovering from 2012 Google Panda/Penguin Updates…Finally!

So here’s my story, and I’ll try to make it short so we can get into how I finally got out of the Google hole, and doing better than I ever did before!

Last year, around February or March 2012, I started a new candle site. I had been selling candles for nearly 4 years, but decided to close the business because it was just too much work. However, I didn’t want to scrap my site altogether, so I decided to start a new site showing people how to make soy candles. I worked on the site, created backlinks, created content and by Summer, I was getting quite a bit of traffic for a couple specific keywords, and thus I was starting to make more money through the Adsense ads on my site.

I also have another website, my mom blog, that I had posted a recipe on the previous year (2011) that had taken off quite well around this same time, and started ranking on the first page of Google for 2 very important key phrases, and I was getting more traffic from that one page than probably all my pages put together each day! It was awesome, and of course I started making more through my Adsense ads there too.

Well, the 3rd week of July, my family and I went to our yearly church camp for a week. When I got back and checked my stats, I found that my mom blog recipe that had a high of 228 visits on July 24th suddenly took a nose dive on July 25th to 111 visits, and then continued to fall from there. After that, it seemed no matter what I did, it just didn’t help. My Google analytics stats just showed my site limping along the bottom of the pond…… My recipe had dropped completely off the radar for my keyphrases.

Traffic Drop July 2012 Google Panda Update

I found out later that it was due to this Google Panda update which happened to be the night of July 24th 2012:

So then, on September 28th, my candle making site took a nose dive off the Google cliff from 66 views on the 27th (I know that’s nothing to shout about, but that site had been steadily increasing and was also still only a few months old) to only 9 views on the 30th and then staggered up and down on the low end of the scale from then on.

Google Panda/EMD update traffic drop 2012

I found out that on September 27th 2012, Google had rolled out the EMD update (exact match domain) and another Panda update. I’m not quite sure which one caused the demise of my site, but I’m thinking it was probably both. Although my domain wasn’t “exact match” it nearly was. “Learn how to make soy”  and of course the keyphrase I was targeting was how to make soy candles.  The funny thing is, that I never actually got real high up for that keyphrase though. The ones that I was doing well with were “Homemade soy candles” and “homemade candles”.

What were some possible causes?

Here are some reasons I had heard for not being able to recover from Panda in particular:

  1. Low quality content
  2. Too many questionable backlinks
  3. Too much of the same anchor text for backlinks
  4. Over optimizing your pages

And I’m sure there’s more, but these are the ones that really made me take a look at my sites.

What I realized a month or so ago, when I was watching this video where Pat Flynn is interviewing Alex Becker, is that since I had been trying for quite some time to fix my sites, and it didn’t seem to be working, was to take Alex’s advice toward the end of the video, and just start a new site.

I had experienced first hand that new sites seemed to be ranking quickly since I had just started a coffee recipes site and it started ranking well within a couple days! So why not try that with my candle making site?

Here’s the video if you’re interested. I’m not very comfortable (and neither is Pat if you read farther down on that interview) with some of the seo techniques that Alex utilizes, but there is also some good info here:

Back in the saddle…..

So I had my plan. Start a new site. One problem though. What happens when I try to redirect all my pages from my old candle site to the new site? My plan was to just copy all the old articles over to the new site but, if my old site was “penalized” or just had too many bad backlinks or anchor text, would that transfer over through the redirects?

Well, I read an article by Alex Becker about Penguin 2.0 here:  and I left a comment, asking him that question about whether I should redirect the old site or not.

His answer “Hey Melissa, no keep the old site far far away from the new site

Well, he could have been right. And I probably took a bit of a risk redirecting, but my problem is that I didn’t want to lose any of my site visitors, because I know I have plenty of people that come back to my site via direct link. If I didn’t redirect, the ones that hadn’t signed up on my mailing list wouldn’t know what happened!

And besides that, I was pretty sure I had fixed the anchor text issue by removing my site from the sidebar of my mom blog (which has quite a few posts and so it showed I had 800+ links to my candle site on there with most of them using the same anchor text!!!). And I changed the anchor text in a few other areas too.

And also, I did some research and came up with the conclusion that the old site probably isn’t going to pass on anything bad to the new site through redirecting.

So I went ahead with it.

And then what happened???

May-June Google Analytics Traffic Report 2013

That’s what happened. That little circled point there..the highest one? June 7th, 66 visitors. And as you can see, it’s still climbing, even with all the expected dips here and there, but steadily moving up! I started the new site about May 5th I think, and it only took 2 days and I was ranking on the 4th page of Google for my main keyphrase!

Now I’m on page one for two of my main keyphrases, though still not at the top, but it’s getting there. I haven’t even written any new content for the site since I switched all the old articles over. I do need to get back on that though before I lose my footing.

I just gradually moved articles, about one or two a day, sometimes skipping a day, until they were all moved and redirected. The new site is called . I like that domain name better anyway.

So, obviously my old site, so far, has not had any affect on the new site. In fact it probably helped it with the juice from all the good back links that it does have.

What about that site with the  recipe??

Well let me show you…..

Google Analytics Website Traffic Stats January-June 2013

This one took a bit longer to take hold, but then, I didn’t add any more recipes to it for awhile, and when I started the new site back in December, I added a whole new frappuccino recipe, well, the same recipe, but I tried to write some different content on the page so I wouldn’t get penalized for duplicate content. Well, that one never really took hold for my keyphrase,(although it did show up higher in the SERPS than the Mom blog one) until  I decided to finally just redirect the frappuccino recipe on my Mom blog, to the frappuccino recipe on my new site. I also redirected a couple other coffee recipes to the new site too.

That did the trick! I started moving up for that keyphrase, and then I started adding more recipes also, got more people to share them and Voila! Traffic starting in April started to take off! And, you know what? The page ranking for that keyphrase is actually the category page for frappuccinos! Not the individual page. That’s fine with me though :)

To make a long story short (oops, too late)…..

I just wanted to share all of this because I had a super hard time trying to figure out how to fix my sites and why they dropped off the charts like that last year. I was so frustrated! I wish I had started a new site for both of them much sooner, but I just didn’t know at the time.

So, if you have a site that suddenly got hit by Panda or Penguin or any other furry little “friend” and you’ve tried to no avail at recovery, you might consider just buying a new domain and moving your site. I suggest doing it gradually so that Google sees new content being added to it consistently over the course of a couple weeks or so. I think that helps keep the Great Google happy 😉

Well, sorry that was so long, but this story has been building up for awhile and I’m just so excited that things are finally moving in the right direction again. And, since I’m trying to rely more on social sharing and more natural backlinks, I think this time I won’t have to worry too much about the wrath of Google!

Have you recovered your site rankings after a Google update? Or are you still struggling? I’d love to hear about it!

Income Report for April 2013

So I’m just getting caught up on April’s report. I don’t have much to talk about at the moment since I am saving some exciting things for a whole new post so let’s just get right into the income report, shall we?

Online Income

Adsense for Content (websites): $12.65 (-$.92) Still anticipating that this number will soon be going back up to February’s numbers or more soon!

Hosted Adsense for Content (Youtube Ads): $24.86 (-$1.69) Youtube earnings were down a bit, but Nearly all of that income is from only 1 of my videos! I’ve made some changes to the title of my second video and am starting to see an increase in traffic for that as well as an increase in clicks on ads in April, so my next income report will look much better.  I am following the same techniques I used on my first video with my latest video as well, but it’s still a little early to tell with that one. $4.44 (+$4.44) Affiliate Earnings: $0

Offline Income

Nothing to report

Well, that’s it again!

Income Report for March 2013

Well, once again, my income reports are getting behind. I am pretty excited though because things have been continually going forward with my sites and the income has gradually been going up. Not a huge amount, but I’ve definitely passed my goal that I’ve had since last year to get to averaging $1 a day from Adsense. And with the changes I’ve been making, I am optimistic that I’ll hit my $100 a month goal soon!!

This is going to be a short post since I need to do the April income report after this :)

Online Income

Adsense for Content (from my websites): $13.57 (-$8.80) So I definitely need to look into what happened here. I’m hoping that the new changes I’ve made will get that number back up and beyond though. I think it will!

Hosted Adsense for Content (Youtube Ads): $26.55 (+$9.17) Affiliate Income: $0 Affiliate Income: $0   I had someone sign up last month, but then they must not have followed through because a week later it didn’t show on there anymore. I was a little disappointed with that but oh well!

Offline Income

Nothing to report here.

So that’s it for March. I will do a separate post this time to lay out all the changes I’ve been making to my main site and what the results have been so far!

Next up….April!



Time Management Hacks

Are you managing your time or is it managing you?

I have a big problem with this. It’s something I THINK I’m working on, but then I realize I’m really not trying very hard. I start to put in place some time management, but then I usually get tired of it and start letting things fall again. You might know what I’m talking about.
So, today Pat Flynn from the SmartPassiveIncome posted this slideshow he came across on Facebook. It puts it simply and gets to the point. I love it, and I’m going to see about printing it out and hanging it on the wall somewhere!
Anyway, I just thought I’d post this for anyone else that might be having trouble with time management and needs a little encouragement and motivation, like me! 😉



Getting Caught Up on My Income Reports-January And February 2013

Well, I’m back…..finally. It’s been a crazy past month and a half or so.  First of all, I was delayed in posting any new reports because I had a bad toothache that laid me up for a few days. Then we started renovating our kitchen which then ended up turning into a whole house thing. Fresh paint, new moulding, finishing up the extra bedroom, texturing, and so on. During that time we all got sick a couple of times, and then I’ve been working on a new website for our church. So.

I will say though, the past 2 months have been shaping up VERY nicely and I’ve seen some wonderful improvement in my Adsense earnings. One thing I’ve noticed is that my amount I earn per click has increased lately. Many times I’ll get $1 or more from just one click from my websites. I’ve even gotten over $2 for a click a couple times! Pretty neat, and it seems that the click through rate (ctr) for the Youtube video ads is much higher than for my websites, like 11-12% vs. maybe 1% for the websites, so either I need to try changing the ad placement on my sites, or the video ads just do better no matter what. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

Income Report for January 2013

Adsense Earnings:

$20.94 (+$13.46)

$7.68 of the total amount above was earned from my candle making Youtube video. Pretty cool, huh? Wait til you see next months report…

$0 (-$2.10)


Income Report for February 2013

Adsense Earnings:

$39.75 (+$18.81!)

How much of that was from my candle making video on Youtube???  $17.38  I’m loving it! Now to just get it in gear and get some more videos up. I actually have 2 candle making videos, but nearly all of the adsense earnings come from the very first one I put up.


$0 (this number will change for the very first time in the March income report! It’s just too bad I won’t see this money until I hit $100, so I just need one more referral!)


Offline Earnings

No offline earnings to report for the last 2 months, but I should start making some for March and onward since my brother is having me finally start work on doing payroll and Quickbooks for his business and I am also handling his online marketing and website. Plus I may be helping some Saturdays at some of the events that he’s doing coffee concessions for this Spring/Summer. And in case you’re interested, here is the link to his website: Coffee In Motion . He has 3 locations in Salem, Oregon. And makes the BEST drinks around! 😉


So that’s all caught up now. Hopefully the next report won’t be so late. I just have the hardest time focusing on too many projects. One of these days I’ll get some sort of system down so I don’t end up abandoning certain projects for months at a time.



Monthly Income Report for December 2012

Well, here we are again! Christmas is over, New Years is over, and now it’s time to settle back down and get back to a daily routine. I love the holidays, but it is kind of relieving once they’re over with. Now I feel like I can get back to focusing on my goals, not only for my business(s) but also just for my daily home life with my kids and husband, and especially for my spiritual life. I am also looking forward to tax time, since we always get a lot back and then use that to pay off some things so we can start fresh and debt free (except for the house) for the year, or at least almost debt free anyway. I am hoping and praying that this year will see a significant increase in income so we don’t have to wait til tax time to pay things off! And so we don’t have to use credit in order to pay for necessary expenses that come up.

So I haven’t felt much like writing lately and I was just at the library tonight and was feeling accomplished after an unproductive time there because I had got this income report and all the little updates I wanted to do done. Then it was gone…..

So I’m starting over, and I’m just going to jump right into the income report again because that seemed to help get the writing juices flowing earlier.

Online Earnings for December…

Adsense: $7.48 (-$2.60) $2.10 (+$1.07) $0

Offline earnings

Website and Quickbooks work: $0  I didn’t do much with Quickbooks last month since my brother is just planning on having me start over from Jan. 1st for both locations. So hopefully I’ll have something here in the next income report :)  Plus I am getting set up to where I can install Quickbooks here at home instead of having to drive to his place to enter receipts and all that. I have been doing graphics and online work for him though.

Adsense Earnings Down….

So Adsense earnings were down last month which was a little disappointing since I had high hopes that my traffic would start to see some increases to my candle making site. Sadly it hasn’t changed much. I see no reason why my site should not be showing up for it’s keyphrases and I am beginning to suspect my theme? I think I’m going to try changing it to Atahualpa, which I have used a lot in the past and I’ve found a way to speed up the load time for it, so I think that’s what I’m going to do. Also I need to reevaluate the navigation structure.

Part of the reason though that Adsense was down, and maybe even the main reason, I took the adsense ad block off of the home page that was up by the introduction. I had asked some advice on a forum about the seo on the page and someone commented “do you have enough ads on there?” Which really, they should have kept that comment to themselves because it had nothing to do with seo, but oh well.

So I decided to take one ad block off the home page. Well, this month I put it back up there, and I have seen a big jump already in earnings. I’ve already made over $5 from adsense just from my candle making site! I’ve gotten some clicks from my other sites too, some of which didn’t earn me anything last month, so that’s nice too. Also…Also….. My video! I monetized my first candle making video at the end of December and it earned me $0.98 last month. And this month it has earned me a little money every single day. Only 8-38 cents each day, but hey, it all ads up. And I’m hoping the traffic will continue to rise even more, and then it could possibly make me a decent amount!

Youtube Video Update

So speaking of my video. I have two candle making youtube videos up now, and the first one is already up to 1300 views in just under 2 months! It also has 16 likes and I have 16  17 subscribers to my channel now. Plus! I’ve had the pleasure of replying to several comments on my videos as well :)  Things are looking good in that department.

Library Fiasco….

So as I mentioned above, I was at the library earlier, trying to get some work done on my laptop. That’s one thing my husband and I agreed on recently, is to allow for me to have 2 hours a night a few nights a week to work on my online projects. So I thought that going to the library would be a good idea so I’d be completely away from him and the kids so that I might be able to focus better.

Well, tonight did not go well at the library. I got there and had to go to the childrens section and find the one table that was vacant (I suppose I might have been able to try upstairs, but I’ve never been upstairs in our library before so I didn’t want to look silly walking around with all my stuff searching for a place to sit!) and then the wifi signal would only go up to one bar. So, internet access was reallllllly slllloooow. Well, I thought I’d work on my ebook which I started on a few months ago, but the words just wouldn’t come. I could not think of where to start….at all….. And then a couple kids came to the table and started playing checkers. So then this other guy left from a different table, so I packed up and went over there only to find that there were no outlets there (my laptop battery doesn’t hold a charge). So finally I was able to go to where the library computers are and there was space there at the table with an outlet. So by that time, it was 7pm and I only had 1 hour left.

So then it took awhile getting my internet going and I messed around with a few things, was cold, and so tired I thought I was going to pass out, when I decided to do this income report. I stared at the screen for a bit and then started typing. I got so much done, finally!

And then I hit the publish button…..

That’s when something went terribly wrong. An error, or something, that I’ve never seen before “Are you sure you want to do that?” is basically what it said. So I hit continue…. it takes me back to editing my post. So without looking at it, I hit publish again and go to view my newly published income report……

ONE paragraph stared back at me…..ONE.

I tried the back button but to no avail. It didn’t even autosave it.

I thought I was going to cry. Then I was angry. Then I shut the computer and left the library behind.

So here I am retyping it here in the comfort of my home because my hubby was so kind enough to get the kids to bed and let me sit in our bedroom and do the work I had tried to do earlier.

I think maybe it might be best to just work at home 😉

Well, that’s all I have for now. Hopefully my writers block will go away and I can get another post up between now and the next income report 😉

Until next time!



Monthly Income Report for November and Backlinking Strategy Update

Well, I was planning on getting this post up last week, but on Monday night our middle child, who will be 6 this month, broke his leg when he and his older brother decided to jump off the couch at the same time….too close to each other….That went real well….I have a picture of them smiling in the air too. That smile didn’t last long.

So last week was kind of hectic. He has now been on the couch with his broken leg elevated, in a splint for a week now and will be going in to get a cast on Tuesday. I thank the Lord he hasn’t really been in any pain since Thursday, unless his leg gets moved, like when I have to sit him up in order to change his bedding or use the bathroom or something, or when he has a muscle spasm in his upper thigh, which isn’t happening very often now. And then our 3 year old has been a little stinker the last couple weeks, so that has made it even more fun trying to get anything done here.

So anyway, it’s been kind of chaotic here. Just when I had a new schedule for myself too! I am determined to try and stick to it this week though now that things have settled down.

November 2012 Income Report

So every month I am reporting my income for the month before that includes all my work at home businesses whether it be online or offline. I am trying to get to where I earn most of my income online, and my goal at the moment is to hit at least $100 a month online. Right now I’m not making much, but it did increase over the past year, in fact it doubled after I got back to working on SEO and started getting more traffic.

*Some of the links below are affiliate links, but only to services or products that I have personally used. If you do decide to go through the affiliate link and purchase the product or service I would like to say thank you, I really appreciate it.

So the month of November held some changes for me as far as really ramping up my link building to my candle making site that I’ve been focusing most of my time and energy on lately. I’ve also been trying to write and write and write more content. As far as the link building goes, I tried mass article submitting with Unique Article Wizard (UAW). Now, I cancelled my subscription after a month because I just can’t afford to pay that much each month. I did however decide to do the $5 a month storage for a little while in case I want to start using their service again if I start seeing some great results. I do love that they have a 30 day money back guarantee, but I decided not to claim it since I do feel the service is excellent and it did save a lot of time submitting articles. They did charge me for the next month sooner than I thought they would, so I had to contact them to get that money back since I had cancelled on the last day of the month, but they quickly responded and refunded the money,so as far as trustworthy goes, I have been very happy with the service.

I submitted 5 articles with UAW which were each submitted to 200-400 directories. Now, I have to say, it has been a month since I submitted those articles, and I know not all of them had been accepted by all of the directories and blogs they were submitted to yet, so I may need to just wait a little longer to see, but the verdict is still out on whether it’s really working or not.  I am doing the Backlinking Strategy that Works and so far for the keyphrase I’m targeting for the home page of the site, I’ve had all my site pages ranking and some of them moving up in the rankings on Google, Except, Except, the home page which I’m targeting! It keeps bouncing around on the very last page of search results, which is like page 87-96, and much of the time it doesn’t show up at all. I have been wracking my brain for the problem. It shows up on the first page of Google for the keyphrase “homemade soy candles” so I’m not sure what the problem is. Especially when you’ve got other websites showing up on some of the middle pages that have nothing to do with making soy candles.

Anyway, it’s a mystery I’m working on solving, so I will share my results when I see what works.


Since I started typing this report on December 3rd,it is now Dec. 10th and I have seen some definite improvement in my site standings. I have been doing some other SEO and link building here and there too, plus I also changed the title of the home page, and found that there was a duplicate title with one of my other pages. Apparently I forgot to set the title in All In One SEO on that page so it was using my home page title. Well, since I changed that too, I have seen my site go up for the keyphrase “homemade soy candles” on the first page of Google, where it has been, but now it is in position 4, and it is now showing up on the second page of Bing and Yahoo for my target phrase “how to make soy candles” which is awesome because it was not showing up on those search engines at all before a couple days ago. It is still bouncing around on the last page of Google search results though for the target phrase, but it gives me hope that since it is showing up on Bing and Yahoo clear up on the second page, that maybe soon, Google will  get a hold of it too!

I do have my anchor layer site showing up on the second page of Google for my target phrase “how to make soy candles” so that tells me that the backlinks that I did through Unique Article Wizard are apparently working. I have several of my other anchor layer sites moving up also for that keyphrase.

I am a little excited to see what happens in the coming month. I was hoping that things would shape up before Christmas and that I might get a bigger check from Google Adsense, but I guess it’s going to have to wait til after the new year.

So How Much Money Did I Make?

Here are the stats for each of my income avenues:

Google Adsense: $10.07   (+$1.25) I have hit $100 dollars total in my Adsense account, so I will be recieving a check from them by the end of December! Yay! That will be 3 checks total since June 2011. I’ve been playing with Adsense since 2007, but last year I finally learned how to use it (and I’m still learning) plus getting more traffic to my sites. So there were 11 months between my first and second check, and now only 7 months between my second and 3rd check. I’m hoping soon I’ll be able to get a check every month! Associates: $1.03   (+$1.03) Affiliate: $0 (not expecting much from this for awhile)

Offline Income

Quickbooks, Website, and Misc. Jobs for my brother’s business: $125

So I am encouraged a little by the upward trend from last month. I know that has to do with the increase in traffic. Also, not all of my adsense earnings comes from my candle site. I have several sites, but most of the earnings are from the candle site and my mom blog at the moment. I’m hoping to start back to work on my horse classified site soon too.

So I hope this report was helpful to you! As always, if you have comments, suggestions, questions…. Please throw them out there! I would love to interact!

Til next time….